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These Pigments standout with their metallic liquid infused finish. The Pigment can be mixed with a topcoat of varnish to achieve a metallic liquid finish,or can be mixed with waxes, topcoats, and other media (water-baed or oil-based) to achieve different effects. The Pigments add dazzling effects to paint pours and resin work and glaze mediums - achievinga variety of effects.For translucent glaze use a little pigment with the chosen topcoat. For an opaquer finish mex more powder. The Pigments are perfect to sprinkle too,and sealable with a chosen medium.

Pro-Tip: A little pigment goes a long way, so use sparingly.

Note: When used with a solvent baed varnish, they dry rapidly.

A glossy sealer will give the shinest results.

Posh Chalk Pigments color: Lemon Gold