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All About Me. Oh my!

I've have been busy. After the loss of my late husband, downsizing and moving takes sometime. Especially if you have lived in the same house for 27 years. And let's face it, I'm no Spring chicken. It takes time. Way too much time. Let me encourage you if you are getting closer to retiring, or planning on downsizing or moving to a different state, start now. It's hard. I'm finally feeling at home in the little town I moved into near my son and daughter n laws' cattle ranch. He's a firefighter for Austin Fire Department and Chief for the Mid-County Fire Department (he works all the time) and she's a Physical Therapist, but now managing the animal shelter in the little town I live in. Medical professional burn out. Her passion is animals.

I love the little 96 year old cottage I now live in. It was remodeled inside and out three years ago. Less to clean and manage and it has a huge yard. I have many landscaping projects planned for the future. I'm concentrating on the backyard at the moment and have a tiny vegetable garden going, as well as the beginnings of a wildflower prairie garden.

The old detached garage had been converted to a multi purpose room when I bought the cottage but I had it converted to my art studio. Six steps from my cottage to my art work. Yes! Organization is still a work in progress in it but I'm making head way.

Now that I'm settled. I'm taking my growing art business a little more seriously. So I'm concentrating on my website my creative art, and what I can do to help others be creative. Especially those of you that may be seeking a creative outlet.

What's New!

I have created a Loyalty Program for everyone who subscribes to my website. You will be able to use the the points towards discounts when you purchase on my website. I'll be going back and checking if you just subscribed and making sure you are rewarded your 100 Loyalty Points. Those of you that had subscribed already have your Loyalty Points waiting for you.

Floral Pallette Decoupage Paper

I also have a sale on artwork, some boutique items and other miscellaneous products. Did you know I sell Woodubend moulds and trims and Posh Chalk Products? Posh Chalk Decoupage papers are also on sale. Check them out.

It Takes Guts!

I have helped some of you with painting through messages and emails and thought I would try a painting tutorial series to test the waters. If you enjoy these I will also offer DIY tutorials in re-cycling home décor items around your home or garage sale finds. In this blog, I'm starting with a series of easy floral paintings. They will be in acrylics. If you enjoy these I'm thinking of also adding tutorials in mixed media, hand painted papers and card making. I'd love your thoughts.

floral painting of daisies

The tutorials will only be available in my blogs. There is a drawing template, a supply list and the tutorial. I hope you find it helpful. I'm also planning a series on Acrylic painting tips and will let you know when they are available.

Download Now!

Tutorial Video 1 Daisies

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