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Welcome to my website. I’m so excited you are here.

I’m Karen Hanna and I am a creative artist based in South Central 

Texas. I love creating and experimenting with different art forms. Most of my early life was dedicated to sewing and DIYs and of course to my family. My son is now a firefighter and owns a cattle ranch. I live close to the ranch now, in a little town in a tiny cottage with an art studio in the backyard. My husband of 41 years passed in 2019. Since I retired from being an interior decorator for twenty plus years, I am continuing my creative journey in paint. I can’t sit still in retirement. I have got to have a project. How about you?  I have always dreamed of being an artist. I bought paint brushes for years and never brought myself to touch a canvas. With retirement came the dream to finally put the paint brushes I had been collecting to work.  I now create  original canvas art work mainly in acrylics and also love to repurpose home decor items. Yes with paint.  Once a decorator always a decorator. I’m just doing it differently now.

 My  mission is to help you learn how to repurpose the things you already own and find new functions for them. Next if you have a desire to learn how to paint and create your own artwork, it would be my pleasure  to show you the steps to painting without overwhelming you. The starting is the hardest part of learning how to paint.  You can accomplish so much with a little paint. Let’s build a friendship and start a journey to being creative together. Here’s looking forward to creating together.

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